Leadership and Supervisory Skills


http://corporatetrainingpackage.blogspot.my/p/leadership-training-course.htmlExemplary - A unique brand of a leadership program that gears the participants for leadership roles in their organizations. An exciting program that focuses on exemplary leadership and supervisory skills, fostering better relationship with team members, and many more. A practical leadership model to be adopted/adapted at the workplace.

The program imparts knowledge on staff management and development, using systematic staff monitoring and developmental models and managing behavior-change processes.

The course includes the following:

·   Traits of a successful leader/supervisor
·   Roles & responsibility of a Supervisor/Coach
·   Rapport building
·   Managing People’s Perception
·   Communicate clearly and accurately
·   Delegation and Empowerment
·   Inspire and motivate employees to increase performance
·   Coach staff using techniques for skills development
·   Counsel staff to improve poor performance
·   Motivating for Higher Performance
·   The 6 Human Needs
·   Coaching and Counseling
·   Handling Disciplinary Concerns



The program will employ various methods suitable for adult learners especially at the corporate level using discussions, simulations, mini lectures and instructions. Experiential learning strategies will be used extensively to allow participants to be actively engaged in various exciting and effective language-based activities.

For most part of the course, the trainer adopts a learner-centered approach. Though there will be some lectures, the course requires the participants to engage in a variety of activities that range from group discussions to presentations by teams and individuals. 

The approach used is based on experiential learning principles, which emphasize the cognitive development of the individual using the individual’s rich resources.


Target Participants

Executive and Senior Executives


2 days