Building Leadership Skills & Personal Success


Conscious Leadership is aimed at the managers who wants to have the edge and succeed in this age of great competition. It is no more enough to just graduate with a degree and have working experience in the new world. The key drives are a keen sense of understanding self and the psychology of understanding people. This power-packed workshop challenges the head to think, engages the heart to experience pertinent concepts while moving the hands to use the techniques taught.

This workshop will cover core aspects of Understanding Personality, Interpersonal Management of People and Team Management. This workshop is ideal for professionals who would like to seek leadership roles and propel themselves forward in the corporate world. It is also for those who seek to have tools to better understand themselves and the people whom they work with or serve.

The training is interactive and participative allowing participants to internalize the concepts and knowledge learnt. There is a mixture of lectures, case studies, role plays, skill practices, discussions, activities group dynamics, simulations and reflective exercises to integrate learning.

Who Must Attend
Executive, Managers and Senior Managers


2 Days